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2019 ASCE SF Section Outstanding Environmental Engineering Project – Pier 94 Backlands Improvement Project

Recognizes projects which demonstrate significant design / construction achievements in the field of environmental engineering, including projects that improve water quality, restore / enhance natural habitats and marine environments, protect sensitive species, restore / provide for migratory fish passage, remediate contamination, and where innovation improved the state of the practice for environmental engineering.  This includes implementation of new methods, improvements on existing methods, and/or incorporation of emerging technology.  

2020 International Partnering Institute - Sapphire Level Winner John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year - Pier 94 Backlands Improvement Project

Every year the International Partnering Institute recognizes projects and individuals who best exemplify the principles of partnering and promotes their mission - to transform the construction industry to achieve exceptional results through a culture of collaboration. The awards celebrate success, share lessons learned and best practices, and acknowledge teams and individuals who achieve extraordinary results.

2019 SF Partnering Award – Silver Level Winner Category Infrastructure Under $10M – Pier 94 Backlands Improvement Project

The San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Awards are presented annually to teams that best exemplify the principles of partnering on City projects. The stated purpose of the awards program is to identify excellence in partnering on completed City projects, celebrate successes, share lessons learned for best practices and honor the members of the team who were critical to the successful delivery of the project.

2016-2018 / 2020 R.E.A.L. SAFETY AWARDS PROGRAM

Hoseley has won the Safety Award from United Contractors 4 of the past 5 years, with zero injuries. Safety has always been our top priority because we care about each individual employee and make sure everyone returns home safely to their families. To ensure this, we have safety meetings to go over safety procedures, safety precautions, safety hazard analysis done every single day at jobsites, discussion on what can be improved as well as providing our employees with the proper PPE. To celebrate these successes, we hold annual safety BBQs and monthly safety lunches with our crews. 

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