The contractor of choice for our customers. The employer of choice for our employees.

About Us

Hoseley Corporation is an LBE, general engineering contractor operating in the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a small business, Hoseley Corporation has the ability to self perform and subcontract public and private work, with a focus on earthwork, structures and underground


High ethical standards, superior quality and an unwavering commitment to safety forms the bedrock of the company's core values as they achieve a fair balance of profitability, responsibility and citizenship.

Hoseley Corporation prides themself as being the contractor of choice for their customers and the employer of choice for their employees.


The founder, Rusty Hoseley, leads the company's highly qualified field staff and management team with over 35 years of experience building several billion dollars' worth of complex projects throughout the western United States. Hoseley Corporation has strong relationships with industry leaders, which allows for projects to run smoothly and successfully due to the high degree of trust and respect that has been earned. 

Company Info

Contractor's License Number: 1000494

Micro LBE: CMD 061617040

DIR: 1000008706

EIN: 47-2604898

Duns: 079697144

City of San Francisco Business License Number: 1007566

DGS Small Business: 1795033

Incorporated: 12/29/2014

Corporation Number: 3738964

Vendor Number: 98236